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Heavyweight Enterprises

About Us

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Heavyweight Enterprises is an up and coming company established in 2006 in the small town of Alexandria, La. Although young, it's owner Jawarren “Heavy” Humphrey offers an exclusive style to the Hip-Hop Community. I am a very talented songwriter, producer and manager who blend his unique techniques of marketing to bring hip hop it most unprecedented company.

Our Business Philosophy

Heavyweight Enterprises was founded in 2006 by Jawarren “Heavy” Humphrey as an outlet for urban youth to create lyrics and record their hardships through music, instead of selling drugs and committing acts of random violence. As the numbers indicate, music is a billion dollar industry currently embraced in the U.S. and around the world by an economically diverse and multicultural fan base. At the Heavyweight Enterprises we see our future market increasing annually, in 2003, rap sales accounted for 13.3 percent of the total market share. Our plan is to be one of the most dominant companies as well as provide recording facilities for the community. Our company is in tune with the consumer and customer-driven. Studio wise, as a technological edge, we use digital software designed by Humphrey. Our strengths are the discipline of thinking about our market, customers, competitors, and profit margins.

Team Heavyweight

Jawarren "Heavy" Humphrey




Heavyweight Enterprises

We have been interested in starting our own business for many years and are excited to finally have reached that goal. Taking our business to the web makes the process even more exciting.

Velvet rope

Everything we do we do it BIG

Heavyweight Enterprises